Adorable Baby Boy Learns How To Say Mama

AFVVirals Published May 10, 2018 962 Plays

Rumble There’s nothing quite as adorable as babies when they finally manage to babble out their first words. Learning how to say ‘mama’ or ‘dada’ is such a huge milestone in every baby’s life. We can all agree on that! If you were looking for funny videos showing babies as they manage to pronounce their first words, search no more! This adorable video will melt your heart, for sure! This clip shows an adorable baby boy having what seems to be his first ever real conversation with his Mom. And when I say real conversation I refer to the fact that they’re both using words in it. And here is how it goes. Mom tells her adorable baby boy to say “mama”, and he makes a trilling noise that sounds a lot like “mamamamama”! Oh, how precious is this little boy? He’s got his own version of the word “mama” and it’s absolutely adorable! Cuteness overload!