Skinwalker's Evil Twin - Beyond Skinwalker Ranch Behind the Scenes Season 1 ep 6

1 month ago

Curse of the Skinwalker Shaman at Mount Wilson Ranch | Full Episode Carl Crusher Season 1 Ep 6
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Carl Crusher takes you behind the scenes on location of the filming Beyond Skinwalker Ranch to uncover the mystery of Skinwalker's Evil Twin, and the Cursed Nevada Portal near Area 51 where locals experience UFO sightings, alien encounters, Skinwalker sightings, and poltergeist activity. Something is lurking underground, and evidence of abandoned tunnel systems could lead to a giant UFO hiding beneath the meadow. Government funded teams from Skinwalker Ranch back to Howard Hughes and beyond have been digging for something hiding at this haunted wild west location. Now Carl Crusher and the team are getting to the bottom of it. Ex-CIA agent Andy Bustamante and Investigative Journalist Paul Beban investigate a flurry of new and disturbing activity as they continue their forward-recon mission to research areas of high strangeness beyond the borders of Skinwalker Ranch. While deploying the Skinwalker team’s roster of experts along with some of their own, the shocking results they obtain are changing the game at Skinwalker Ranch and beyond. It’s no longer a question of whether there are unexplained phenomena outside the borders of Skinwalker Ranch, it’s a question of how many hotspots the team can find. Is the curse of the Skinwalker Real and can Carl and the team capture real evidence of UFOs, glitches in time, and paranormal activity?

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