đź”´Biden BLAMING Trump for This is RIDICULOUS!!

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Check out Steve Cortes free 18 minute documentary on the Border invasion caused by Biden. https://www.facebook.com/61560324720441/posts/122101502504344157/?mibextid=rS40aB7S9Ucbxw6v Blaming Trump for this is ridiculous. Stephen Gardner and Steve Cortes have an indepth talk on Trump, The border crisis, war and Black and Hispanic voters becoming republicans.

- **Steve Cortes Background:** Steve Cortes served as an advisor to Trump during his presidency, election, and re-election campaigns.
- **Biden's Border Executive Order:** Biden signed an executive order to address border issues, blaming Republicans, while still allowing many immigrants to enter the country.
- **New Documentary on US Border:** Steve, tell us about your new documentary focusing on the US border.
- **Legal vs. Illegal Immigration:** Why do legal immigrants oppose illegal immigration, and why do Democrats assume legal immigrants would support it?
- **Hunter Biden Conviction:** Hunter Biden has been convicted on drugs and guns charges, facing up to 25 years. Will he actually serve time, given Biden's stance on pardoning him?
- **Pelosi National Guard Video:** Thoughts on the new video showing Nancy Pelosi admitting fault for not accepting Trump's offer for the National Guard.
- **Trump's Border Plans:** If Trump returns to office, can he effectively stop illegal immigration and deport millions despite Democratic opposition?
- **RFK Jr. Debate Impact:** Does having RFK Jr. at a debate help or hurt Trump?
- **Movie Promotion:** Watch Steve Cortes' new documentary on the US border.

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