Jordan Peterson Joins Jesse! (Re-Upload)

1 month ago

On this week's episode of TheFallenState TV, host Jesse Lee Peterson is joined by Jordan Peterson—On December 13, 2016, Jesse spoke to professor Jordan B Peterson, Ph.D. of the University of Toronto, Canada, also a clinical psychologist. Jesse asked him what principles are and why the difference between men and women is important. Jordan explains why free speech is fundamental to civil society and why radical leftists, driven by hatred and jealousy toward patriarchy and white men, want to destroy Western civilization. He has come under attack for speaking out against politically correct "genderless pronouns," which so-called "human rights" groups—comprising radical feminists, radical homosexuals, "trans rights" activists, and so-called "anti-racists"—seek to make law. Despite efforts to shut him down, including at a free speech event organized by a student from Hong Kong and conservative activist Lauren Southern, Jordan B. Peterson urges people to work on themselves and speak up for what's right, believing that in doing so, they can and will help him. Tune in on Friday at 12 Noon Pacific Time / 3:00 PM Eastern Time to catch our premiere!

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