Election Rigging STOPPED; Fani FREAKS OUT; Liz Cheney INSURRECTED Again! Bump Stocks BACK

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Bump stocks are back on the menu after the Supreme Court found an ATF ban on the accessory is unconstitutional.

#SCOTUS #2A #Constitution

Election Rigger Jocelyn Benson loses her "presumption of validity" signature battle in the key swing state of Michigan.

#Election #2024 #Rigged

Big Fani Wills raged at "high school" nicknames used by immature commentators... like us.

#Fani #Butt #Freakout

Liz Cheney felt insurrected AGAIN and complained on X after Trump shook hands with Mitch McConnell, ending American democracy for a second time.

#Trump #2024 #MAGA

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