KMS Live | June 14, 2024 - The Big O

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Glenn Ordway and Mut are in studio as Kirk asks Glenn about the Massachusetts Broadcasters Hall of Fame dinner. (05:00) Mut dedicated much of today's MutStack to Ordway. (08:20) Ordway wants to take Kirk to the Larry Bird museum. (09:20) Ordway offers some advice for Josh. (13:00) Kirk asks Ordway what his dad used to do. (15:30) Recapping Poehler's debut for Team KMS. (19:10) Ordway talks about Bill Walton. (23:20) Kirk signs an executive order to make Gus the coach in his absence. (25:00) Ordway tries to convince Mut to do something for work. (26:00) Kirk and Ordway reflect on the show they almost had together. (32:30) Mut and Kirk give their ratings predictions for Rich's show. (35:20) Kirk threatens to make Steve from Gloucester coach of Team KMS next week. (47:20) Mut claims he would refuse a radio job. (48:40) Ordway compared the modern WNBA to the NBA in the 80s and 90s. (51:50) Mut is making coupons for his dad for Father's Day. (53:50) Alex Bennett wishes she could've been at Princess Diana's car crash. (01:06:30) As Ordway is heading to Disney soon, Coleman is upset at the new Splash Mountain. (01:23:00) Zo and Bertrand are afraid to say Kirk's name. (01:32:10) Justin asks Ordway about previous on-air fights with Kirk. (01:41:00) Kirk previews tryouts for next season's team. (01:43:50) Mut needs to look to Braveheart in Kirk's absence from the team next week. (01:45:50) Kirk prepares for the Dozen Trivia tournament next week in Chicago. (01:46:00) Kirk grills Mut on Ordway being his source for MutStack. (02:07:15) Ordway asks Mut if horses really get turned into glue. (02:10:00) Jeff D. Lowe calls in.

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