Parrot Loves To Sing And Dance To House Music

Published May 10, 2018 562 Views $0.65 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWhen we think of pets, most of the times we only think of dogs and cats and the occasional fish. But in reality, there are so many different kinds of pets that are being kept by people, it’s hard to keep track. Some find pleasure in cuddling next to a large python, some like the thrill of keeping gargantuan spiders in their rooms and others decide to stay true to the furry pets trend and opt for a rabbit or five. Whichever it may be, we can all agree that keeping a pet is the best thing that can happen to you.

Not all pets are the same. Just as we have different personalities, so do pets. Some might be a bit on the grumpy side, some might love to cuddle and kiss, others might be party animals and some might even be loners. Some might just have a bad day and they would feel better once it’s done. Whether they have a temper or not, pets are perfect.

Meet Sunny, the cherry head conure. These types of conures are also known as red masked parakeet and can be found in Ecuador and Brazil. The beauty that we see in this video is actually quite the house music enthusiast. Just look at it bobbing its head to the rhythm. She clearly loves dancing and singing to house music. How adorable is that?