This Animals Lover Is Thrilled To Be Surrounded By Horses

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Published: May 9, 2018Updated: May 10, 2018

Sherrie is a serious animal lover and will take any opportunity to spend time with dogs, cats, or any other animal that she meets. But her love for horses is the greatest of all. She was invited to spend some time at a farm that belongs to one of her friends on a sunny day recently. The owner and guests wandered through the barn and the fields admiring the scenery, the property and the animals. Sherrie stood at the fence along the pasture where nine horses were grazing happily. Several of them came over to see her. But Sherrie wasn't as close to the horses as she liked so she let herself into the meadow and walked over to a few of them for a closer visit.

The horses obviously wanted to be closer to Sherrie too and they all gathered around her, leaving her completely surrounded. The animal lover was delighted, especially when a few of them sniffed her ear and tried to nibble her hair. Sherrie giggled with sheer joy. She wandered in the meadow happily for almost an hour, picking grass, petting the different horses and taking pictures. She got out her phone to take a few selfies and found that a few of the horses were extremely curious. A few posed and a few others tried to nibble her camera. Of course, all of this attention from the horses had Sherrie feeling like she was in heaven. When it was time to go, she reluctantly walked back to the gate, with one of the horses following her the whole way.

Few things are as majestic and beautiful as horses wandering happily in a meadow on a sunny day. To stand with them or wander among them is very relaxing and therapeutic. To connect with such powerful, yet gentle creatures is something that has to be experienced to be truly understood. Spending time with horses is very good for the soul.

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      killerbean56 · 27 weeks ago

      Just wonderful! LOVE

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      tootsteens · 27 weeks ago

      You are so lucky to have all these horses surround you.