Sweet Dog Walks In Protective Shoes And It's Hilarious

Mookie_George_The_Dog Published May 9, 2018 688 Plays $1.27 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThere's a reason why dogs have been called man's best friend. From licking your face when you wake up to sit on your feet when your toes are cold, dogs serve as a gentle alarm clock and the best slippers you'll ever have. Own one and you might even take fewer trips to the doctor. But, when It comes to them, they are not so careful as they are for us!

Pets being fragile and careless they often find themselves in situations where they get hurt! Like this little puppy right here! Mookie got hurt on his sweet little paw, he needs to wear dog shoes! It’s so funny! This woman is teaching her dog Mookie to wear shoes after he hurt his paws on some gravel. However, this may take some getting used to! Poor little Mookie! Don’t worry you look adorable in your tiny little shoes!

We would consider dogs as great family pets. They do many great things for us, one as being great family pets. They make great companions; they are very loyal, loving and friendly animals. They can be considered as therapy dogs for those who lost a family member or loved one. A dog can make a person feel secure and loved. That's why we should make them feel safe and secure with us too! Mookie your mama is going to take good care of you!