🔥NEW mRNA Super-Shedder Warning! EXCLUSIVE W/Researcher Masako Ganaha - Is This A New BioWeapon?🔥

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This new technology could pose a GRAVE risk to the unvaccinated.
Stunning interview with independent, Japanese journalist Masako Ganaha.

She has uncovered the LATE stage rollout of a terrifying new, self amplifying mRNA technology produced by an American company called Acrturus. The company reports it has been clinically trialed in Japan, Vietnam, Singapore AND the USA and is set to hit the market in Japan this fall.

We feature the full report and concerns as laid out by Professor Emeritus Yasufumi Murakami.

Below you will find the resources and links to support our discussions today with Masako Ganaha:
💥Full presentation from Professor Emeritus Yasufumi Murakami https://youtu.be/CsGa3f11eY8?si=PHFcO1QP9rxmdQwr
💥Information about the the US manfacturer of these problematic NEW vaccines https://arcturusrx.com
💥Nature Magazine report from May, 2024 on the self-amplifying mRNA ARCT-154 COVID-19 vaccine

Follow Masako Ganaha: @ganaha_masako

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