Happy Pup Makes Perfect Zoomies Despite Not Being Able To See

Lailadog Published May 9, 2018 18,446 Plays $26.01 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesIf you are a doggy parent, then you have probably witnessed those sudden and seemingly uncontrollable bursts of energy your canine member of the family experiences every once in a while. They are called Frenetic Random Activity Periods, or FRAPS, but we like to call them “zoomies”. Both names are pretty cool sounding, we just prefer the latter.

It is like you take a windup toy and wind it up to the max; a sudden urge to sprint, jump all over the place and run circles by chasing your own tail. There’s nothing dangerous about those bursts of energy; it is simply a way for a dog to show just how excited it is when it sees a new friend coming over or other friends having an awesome time.

Any dog can experience these bouts of happiness, even if they are unfortunately unable to see what is going on with their own eyes. This poor fella is one such doggy that has been left blind for reasons unknown, but even without the ability to see the world around him, he feels happy to be outside, on the green, soft grass, with his favorite human in the whole wide world. He is so happy in fact, that the zoomies he makes are so staggeringly speedy, we can’t tell where the snout begins and the tail ends! What a day to be alive!

So next time you see your pooch zoom around the house or playground, be happy for him. Just make sure there isn’t anything there to hurt him.