Lyndsey’s Butcher Bill & Calamari Clot Proteomics?

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Part 1: Investigating Senator Lindsey Graham's Alleged Ties to Ukraine's Blood Minerals
Join us as we dive deep into the controversial allegations surrounding Senator Lindsey Graham's purported involvement in the profiteering of blood minerals in Ukraine. This investigative segment will explore the origins and implications of these claims, featuring expert commentary and analysis. We'll examine the geopolitical ramifications and the ethical concerns tied to such activities. This discussion aims to shed light on the complexities of international politics and the dark underbelly of conflict-driven profit.

Part 2: The Frontier of Biowarfare: The Role of Prions
In the second half of our stream, shift gears to a cutting-edge scientific discourse on the latest developments in biowarfare, specifically focusing on the use of prions. What are prions, and how can they potentially be weaponized? Join our panel of biologists and warfare experts as they unravel the science behind prions, the risks they pose, and the ethical debates surrounding biowarfare. This session is designed to inform and engage audiences on one of the most enigmatic and potentially devastating aspects of modern warfare.

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