Two Glam Newfoundlands Lounge In The Pool On A Hot Day

Published May 9, 2018 624 Plays $1.12 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThese are two very relaxed canines. Actually, they are just extraordinarily lucky being able to luxuriate like this on a hot spring day! They love to be pampered just like real gentlemen. The favorite thing to do when the day is hot and the only alternative is searching for the coolest spot of tiles in the house to lay on is lounging in the backyard pool, hats and glasses on!

Ralphie and Boss are two adult Newfoundlands. They love their monthly baths but today, their owners gave them a special treat: a full access to the leisure amenities in the backyard, spa, accessories, sharpshoot – absolutely everything a glam dog would wish! Look at them enjoy themselves!

Ralphie is the chocolate one on the left. He just came out from a little dip and his coat is prickly with the water drops from the pool water. His bestie, Boss, is given red-rimmed sunglasses and a large stylish hat to shade the dog from the hot spring sun. He even took a few minutes of modeling the merchandise in front of the camera, large pink tongue sticking out and all. So adorable! Our model then slowly relaxes its large body into the pool.

This day-long lounging in the pool is a reward well deserved for our two friends. And they love it! Is there a better and more worthy reward for a dog than being loved and cared for this much?sunglasses!