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- **Russia War Games Near Florida:** Russia conducts war game exercises 25 miles from Florida, showcasing readiness to confront the US military.
- **Jesse Watters Exposes Biden:** Jesse Watters from Fox News reveals President Biden's controversial plans involving Hunter Biden.
- **Mitch McConnell Supports Trump:** Senator Mitch McConnell publicly backs Donald Trump, condemning the weaponization of the justice system.
- **Merrick Garland Contempt of Congress:** DOJ head Merrick Garland is held in contempt of Congress, with potential arrest looming.
- **Ukraine's Azov Brigade Controversy:** Biden administration authorizes Ukraine's Azov Brigade, with a history of alleged Nazi sympathies, to use American weapons against Russia.
- **Trump Compared to Hitler:** Rachel Maddow claims Trump could send her to "massive camps," drawing controversial comparisons.
- **Hunter Biden Gun Charges:** Hunter Biden faces up to 25 years in prison after being convicted on three gun charges.
- **Biden's Political Motivation Claim:** President Biden reportedly believes Hunter's prosecution is politically motivated.
- **Hunter Biden's Potential Pardon:** Speculation arises about Biden potentially pardoning Hunter if he receives prison time.
- **Jesse Watters and Rep. Comer:** Rep. James Comer claims Hunter Biden is taking the fall to protect President Biden, discussed on Fox News with Jesse Watters.
- **Breitbart's Emma-Jo Morris Theory:** Theory suggests Biden may use Hunter's legal troubles to appear as a rule-of-law president and discredit Trump.
- **Dr. Anthony Fauci Criticism:** Calls for Dr. Fauci to face justice over alleged involvement in funding research that led to the COVID-19 pandemic.
- **Mitch McConnell's Support for Trump:** McConnell defends Trump against 34 felony charges and plans to meet him for the first time since 2020.
- **Elon Musk vs. Apple:** Elon Musk threatens to ban Apple devices from his companies over concerns about integrating OpenAI as spyware.
- **Inflation Report:** May's CPI report shows a slight decrease in inflation, leading to expectations of a single rate cut by the Federal Reserve.
- **Merrick Garland Arrest Demand:** House Republicans demand Merrick Garland's arrest after holding him in contempt of Congress.
- **WEF's Car Sharing Proposal:** World Economic Forum proposes reducing car numbers by promoting car sharing to save the planet.
- **Russia's Military Moves:** Russia practices war drills near US shores, signaling defiance as the US supports Ukraine.
- **Investigation into Election Interference:** Rep. Tim Burchett calls for an investigation into Secretary of State Blinken and 51 intelligence officials for alleged 2020 election interference.

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