Guest Fired Teacher Warren Smith, Hunter Guilty, Supreme Court Recording ‘Scandal’ | The MC Hour #30

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Warren Smith, a teacher fired for challenging students to think a little too critically, joins to discuss his story, plus Hunter Biden is convicted, secret recordings of Supreme Court justices are supposedly controversial, and much more.

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0:49 Welcome
4:00 Matt’s YouTube suspension, show off YouTube tonight
6:53 House votes to hold AG Merrick Garland in contempt
9:37 Hunter Biden convicted on federal gun charges
32:43 Supreme Court secret recording ‘scandal’
41:40 Warren Smith interview intro
45:32 Warren explains how his teachable moment when viral and the response he got
56:17 What lead to Warren's firing and how he's been treated ever since
1:06:54 What’s next for Warren
1:15:04 Email question - how would Matt vote if he was on Hunter’s jury?
1:21:39 Superchat

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