Meet The Real-Life 'Pacific Rim' Robots

Published May 9, 2018 26 Plays $0.18 earned

Rumble Whenever we think of the future, we think of robots and flying cars, austere buildings and neatly manicured city greenery. The food deficiency would be replaced with microwaveable pills that will turn into gourmet meals and the only threat to society would be an alien attack. We will end famine and illnesses, and everything will be digitised and stored away in folders, including our thoughts. We will use virtual reality to control robots that would do the most ordinary tasks, and life would be grand.

Okay, this might have been taken from The Fifth Element and a few other movies, but you get the gist, the future looks bright and we are there to enjoy it. What many people can’t fathom yet is that the future may be closer than one might think. We’re not so sure whether the plot would be closer to Luc Besson’s Fifth Element or Pacific Rim, though.

Humanity is steadily chipping away at robotics and artificial intelligence. We still don’t know what the end goal might be, but for now, artificial intelligence is here to help us live easier lives. We’re creating robots that help us do menial tasks, as well as robots that do the tasks that are too dangerous for us to do. These machines can withstand harsh conditions and reach inside the places that we can’t and it gets more exciting by the minute. This emergency-response robot looks like something out of a movie and is controlled by a human using VR technology to save lives. It has so far been able to use a fire extinguisher but it still needs to be tweaked a bit in order to move faster. How awesome is that?!