DIY Fast Freezing AC ❄ Air conditioner At Home EXPLICIT TUTORIAL | STEP TO STEP

1 month ago

#conditioner #fast #tutorial
00:01 - Observe the extraordinary effectiveness of a DIY cooling apparatus tailored for beverages. This groundbreaking Freezing AC cooler ingeniously transforms copper conduits into frosty channels!
00:25 - Opt for a 4.7mm diameter copper pipe for peak efficiency!
00:45 - Expertly coil the copper tubing around a pristine aluminum Coca-Cola can.
02:02 - Employ a 25mm diameter stainless steel sleeve as a secondary base for constructing the condenser.
04:05 - Utilize a slim copper tube, measuring a mere 1.2 millimeters in diameter, to serve as the capillary tube.
06:33 - Skillfully solder the capillary tube to both the condenser and evaporator using specialized solder and flux.
05:21 - Firmly solder a 9-volt battery connector to the pump and fan for flawless operation.
08:38 - Commence the inaugural testing phase in an open environment to verify the smooth passage of liquefied gas through the intricate network of pipes and capillary system within the conditioner.

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