Hedgehog Stands For Herself When Being Pestered By Owner

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Published: May 9, 2018Updated: May 10, 2018

Sometimes having a pet means having the most favorite toy you had when you were little. The toy that you nagged again and again. The toy that you didn’t want to let go even when you had to go to nursery and when your eyes became droopy before you went to bed. You knew that it was always there for you and whenever you felt bored, you could always turn to your toy.

Well, it appears that not only children but adults, too love to pester somebody from time to time. Since humans are difficult to control, pets are the perfect guinea pigs for that occasion. In this adorable video, Lala the hedgehog doesn’t want to be bothered at all. Above all, she hates that green froggy hat that is being forced onto her head time and time again. What a nuisance her human is. How can she not understand that Lala is not a fan of hats. Especially silly ones. So, instead of being a tiny helpless hedgehog, she stands for herself and begins a protest.

This stubborn and highly-opinionated hedgehog knows well her limits. So, when her owner oversteps them, it’s time to react. With the grumpiest face ever, she makes it clear that the touch of the hat on her head doesn’t make her happy at all. So, she tosses it in the air time after time. As long as her human gets on her nerves, she is ready to fight her, with jerky head movements. This hedgehog is one of her kind, indeed!

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