Porkchop The Bulldog Loves Getting Treats And He Knows How To Get Them

Published May 9, 2018 8,603 Plays $16.36 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThere is no science that dogs love to eat! It’s their favorite activity! They love to sleep and they love to eat! Every time we sit at the table, they’re there! Every time we open a bag of chips, they are right by your side to eat together, or even if they just eat their meal, it doesn’t matter it’s time to eat yours too! But, we still love them! The world is just a better place with dogs!

No matter how full they are, they always want more! Porkchop the English Bulldog gets some treats on the elevator but when they run out, he demands more! More! More! More! More is always the perfect answer! Wrinkles never looked so good!

English bulldogs are incredibly sweet family dogs that carry a rather shocking history. These sturdy looking canines might appear fierce, but they are gentle bullies with many sensitivities. We just adore these wrinkly little doggies! As anyone with a bulldog knows, they can be extremely persistent when it comes to securing what they want, in fact, some can become fairly dominant. That’s how he gets so many treats! Because he is persistent and that’s a good characteristic.

Bulldogs: the wrinkly, roly-poly balls of fun, with their floppy jowls and goofy underbites, are easily recognizable. If you love these stout, snorting goofballs you will also love this amazing video as this English bulldog puppy snores while sleeping!