Ep. 31. US Military Assessment of Gaza-Israel Conflict. Lt. Col. Geoffrey Corn

1 month ago

Lieutenant Colonel Jeff Korn discusses the preliminary assessment report on the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, published by JINSA. The report aims to provide a perspective on the conflict through the lens of experienced combatant commanders from the United States. The report highlights the importance of assessing the legality, legitimacy, and effectiveness of a military campaign through the lens of experienced leaders. It also addresses the misunderstanding of proportionality in international law and the challenges of fighting an enemy that embeds itself in the civilian population. The report emphasizes the need for a clear strategic objective and plan for the day after the conflict.
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00:00 Introduction and Background
05:10 Purpose and Goal of the Assessment Report
08:23 Understanding Proportionality in International Law
12:04 The Impact of Hamas's Statements on Legality
25:18 The Issue of American Hostages in Gaza
30:26 The Importance of a Clear Strategic Objective
37:04 The Information War and the Media's Role
41:53 Conclusion and Call to Action

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