UNRESTRICTED INVASION E50S2: "Treason (in Chicago)" w/ Brian O'Shea and JJ Carrell

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11 days ago

Treason, espionage, artillery, soldiers, and tactics exist in every war, but especially treason. Unrestricted Invasion co-host Brian O'Shea explains that we are at war now, an “Unrestricted War” against the West which was initiated and is being orchestrated by the Chinese Communist Party ("CCP") and treason is one of the most utilized weapons against us. According to O’Shea, this treason comes in the form of politicians pushing Marxist agendas through legislation and legal will. Specifically, the use of tax dollars to allow for illegal aliens to flood our cities and now suburbs betray the local populations by displacing them from their homes, diverting needed special medical assistance to noncitizens, and forcing citizens to deal with the unchecked crime that, coincidentally or not, increased close to the same time that these illegal aliens were let into the country. Co-host JJ Carrell adds that he has now seen it with his own eyes as he has been traveling city to city shooting his upcoming documentary "What is Treason?" Treason seems to have fallen on Chicago like social artillery. As the video clips that Carrell shares show, its destructive and violent effects are very real.

Watch as Carrell shares the latest footage from his trip to Chicago which shows shocking situations where US citizens are barred from community assistance and programs in favor of illegal aliens. He is joined by Chicago resident and community Leader Mark Carter. Together, they directly confront those running the illegal alien shelters. Physical violence is about to explode as the citizens of Chicago, according to Carter, have had enough.

Join us for this shocking episode and then ask yourself: "What is Treason?"

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About the Hosts:

Brian O'Shea is a Subject Matter Expert on Intelligence Collection and Operations, Competitive Intelligence, irregular warfare and terrorist networks/operations, propaganda, Geopolitical matters across five continents, and the United States Intelligence Community. Brian spent almost three decades in various fields of intelligence disciplines. His career started in the field of Military Intelligence as an active-duty member of the U.S. Army. He spent most of his 11 years assigned to two special forces units, 1st & 5th Special Forces Groups. He then spent over a decade working in two of the U.S. Government's largest intelligence agencies. Finally, Brian worked in the fields of competitive intelligence and private intelligence consulting for a variety of clients worldwide. Brian has professional and/or military experience in over forty-seven different countries and is a military-trained Arabic linguist. In addition to his current intelligence roles, Brian is also an Investigative Journalist at DailyClout.io and co-host of Unrestricted Invasion.




J.J. Carrell is a recently retired United States Border Patrol Agent (Deputy Patrol Agent in Charge) having served a 24-years protecting the United States' borders. Carrell brings a different view on immigration and what is now transpiring at the border. He is an author, a public speaker, and a regular commentator on major news media outlets based on his subject matter expertise. He is the co-host of Daily Clout's Unrestricted Invasion as well as a regular contributor to DailyClout's News and Opinion Column.




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