💚 Live | Repot or Not? Signs of Unhappy Container Plants 😮

1 month ago

On today's Saturday LIVE, it's all about container plants, if you have unhappy plants, and then what to do! Learn what signs to look for, how to treat your plants, and the best practices to get them healthy again and looking fantastic!
So, sit back and chill while we talk all about unhappy container plants and what to about it! 😉😀 Tune in, chill out, and let's talk gardening. Let us know what's happening in your garden right now! 😅😀 So, come join us! Bring your coffee or tea, and any of your garden questions. 😊👍 ☕
And, if you're watching the replay, definitely leave your comments and/or questions below!❓

Chapters to jump to: (added after end of live)
01:09 We are Live!
02:58 In the Chat and saying "Hi!"
06:46 Some new plants we can't show you yet
09:35 Repot or Not
12:09 First unhappy sign: Rootbound
29:52 Second Unhappy sign:
34:38 Third Unhappy sign:
37:32 Fourth Unhappy sign:
39:36 Fifth Unhappy sign:
48:10 Deals for you!
50:45 Upcoming Lives
55:08 Wrapping it up

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