Navigating Truth in the Digital Age

5 days ago

Discover the impact of controlled opposition and the erasing of our history as Amandha shares the challenges that we face when seeking truth.

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In this compelling video, Amandha Vollmer (ADV) explores the concept of controlled opposition and how it shapes public perception. She reflects on the transformation of the internet from a free and open platform to one where information is often manipulated or erased.

Amandha shares her personal experiences with account deletions and suppression, highlighting the difficulties in maintaining a presence online while advocating for truth and transparency.

00:05 - The Reset of History and Internet
01:00 - The Struggle to Find True Information
01:10 - Controlled Opposition
01:55 - Internet Censorship

#HolisticHealth #DigitalFreedom #TruthSeeker #Censorship #InternetHistory

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