The Controversial Beginning of Medicine

7 days ago

Amandha provides insight into the origins of modern medicine, critiquing the pharmaceuticals and advocating for natural health practices.

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Amandha Vollmer (ADV) explores the origins of modern medicine, revealing the darker side of its inception. She explains how the rise of the oil industry played a pivotal role in establishing the pharmaceutical sector, using the flawed germ theory, which she attributes to Louis Pasteur, to justify this business model.

Amandha asserts that diseases were falsely attributed to mysterious bacteria or viruses to divert attention from environmental toxins like arsenic and coal pollution. She argues that the drive to monopolize medicine led to the marginalization of holistic healing practices, creating a medically sanctioned system that often involved dubious treatments such as the use of mercury and lead, which she likens to witchcraft. Through this critique, Amandha questions the integrity of modern medicine's foundations and encourages viewers to reconsider natural health practices.

00:05 - The History of Medicine
01:25 - Rockefeller's Role in Modern Medicine

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