War of Rohrirrim on Men? - 6 Minute Daily - June 11th

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The War of the Rohirrim Goes Woke? That and more on today's 6 Minute daily. Your BLAST of entertainment news and pop culture all the news of the day. The show goes LIVE after the 3 minute musical prelude "sound check" It stays up for the current week at least and then gets archived Odysee.

Sound Check and Shout Outs
BBC News Presenter Goes Full Ron Burgundy
HEADLINE: Lord of the Rings War of the Rohirrim Gets 20 Minute Debut
IATSE Heads Back to the Negotiating Tables
Channel 4 Orders Investigation Into Self Removal of True Crime Series
Microsoft's Lean into Game Pass is a Last Ditch Move
The Phantom Ratings of The Acolyte Keep Getting Pushed
Stewart Asks Jack to "Come Back" and Just Phone It In Like He Does on Monday's
J Lo's Unlikability Killed Tour - Finally The Truth Comes Out
Speaking of Headaches: Inside Out 2 - The War on Childhood is Getting Headache Inducing HDR Release in Theaters
World's Tallest Bicycle
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TITLE: War of Rohrirrim on Men? - 6 Minute Daily - June 11th

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