Randall Cobb Opens Up About Career, Aaron Rodgers + Dave Portnoy Sabotages Beer Games

5 days ago

Recorded: May 13th 2024 | In this weeks intro, the boys have to address the latest on the Beer Games. There has been a lot of news and new updates surrounding everything Beer Games related, the guys felt the need to touch on some of those whispers.

Following the intro the buys are joined by NFL Wide Receiver, Randall Cobb. The boys have been trying to get Randall on the podcast for a while now and were finally able to make it happen. The guys dive right into it and start talking about Randall’s career and all of the different places he has been able to play. Randall talks about how he felt when Green Bay didn’t want to resign him, playing for Houston and how bad it was, getting traded back to Green Bay and finally last season playing for the Jets. Being that Randall and Aaron Rodgers are super close, he is able to give us the inside scoop on why Aaron decided to leave Green Bay, how Aaron plays the game at such a high level and whether or not he could have made it back last season if the Jets made the playoffs. Randall touches on at the end of the podcast how the conversation really does feel like a locker room vibe and hopefully you guys can feel that as you’re listening. Happy Tuesday and enjoy.


0:00 Intro
2:11 Beer Games Update
15:34 Caitlin Clark Not On Women's USA Team
17:50 Darren Waller Retired
20:09 Nashville Live Show
22:39 Basketball Thoughts
24:39 How Do You Approach Father’s Day?
29:22 Shoutout OTW
37:43 The Kids
45:30 "I Don't Want My Kids Playing Football"
47:01 NFL v NBA
49:19 What's The Hardest Position To Play?
51:25 Randall's Longevity + Is He Washed?
58:40 Packers To Jets
1:01:28 Traded From Houston Back To Packers
1:08:51 His Feelings On Different Organizations
1:13:06 Thoughts On Bill O'Brien
1:14:14 Bitter Leaving Green Bay?
1:18:05 Coach Matt LeFleur
1:25:23 Rodger’s Packers Break Up
1:28:45 Falcons Drafting Michael Penix
1:31:13 The Jets Last Year
1:39:28 How Real Was Aaron Rodgers Coming Back Last Year?
1:41:28 Aaron Rodgers And Devante Adams
1:45:31 Coaches Taking Care Of Their Players
1:50:35 Learning How To Practice For Yourself
1:56:06 Zach Wilson Drama
1:57:20 Tier Talk - Favorite Teammates
2:21:24 Dad Talk
2:28:35 Twisted Question OTW
2:33:51 Life After Football

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