Fortnite, Diablo 4 and Everything in Between! #RumbleRevolution

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Tuesday is a lax day but let's not be lax in our game face, or we will look like Nancy Palosi! And nobody wants to look like the living dead bwahahahaha.
Welcome to the Scottish Viking Gaming Channel. I am your Humble host BrianLeeMallory, that's right The "Real BLM". I'm taking it BACK! We are here to play video games and talk shit. Myself and sometimes joined by my Cohorts SilverEliteMonocle, Blackburn, and SacredLotus, we scour the video game world for fun times and sweaty gameplay. If you like a good laugh or just want to Bash on Biden, we are down for whatever. Always love running with fans and other Rumblers. If you have a good time go ahead and click the ThumbsUp button. If you had a great time then go ahead and Slap that Follow so you can be notified the next time we go live Exclusively on So sit back, spark a doobie, and relax to the Sweet and Sweaty Mayhem of Gamers who like to FAFO!

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