DIY : How To Make a Fast Cooling Freezing AC: Portable Conditioner Full Tutorial - 26 ℃

1 month ago

Embark on a journey with our mesmerizing video as we unveil a plethora of ingenious life hacks, DIY projects, and captivating tools that promise to elevate the quality of your daily existence. Brace yourself for an infusion of creativity, making every day not just simpler and more convenient, but downright fascinating.
00:01 - Witness the remarkable efficacy of a DIY cooling device designed for beverages. This revolutionary Freezing AC cooler ingeniously converts copper pipes into icy conduits!
00:25 - Employ a 4.7mm diameter copper tube for optimal performance!
00:45 - Skillfully wind the copper tubing around a pristine aluminum Coca-Cola can.
01:21 - Utilize a 25mm diameter stainless steel sleeve as a secondary foundation for crafting the condenser.
04:19 - Employ a slender copper tube, measuring a mere 1.2 millimeters in diameter, to function as the capillary tube.
04:56 - Expertly solder the capillary tube to both the condenser and evaporator using specialized solder and flux.
05:26 - Securely solder a 9-volt battery connector to the pump and fan for seamless operation.
07:00 - Initiate the inaugural phase of testing within an open environment to ensure the smooth flow of liquefied gas through the intricate network of pipes and capillary system within the conditioner.

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