State "Destroyed" Baldwin Revolver ... Charges Dismissed? (w/ Steve Gosney!)

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The legal defense for actor Alec Baldwin, scheduled for a manslaughter trial next month over the shooting death of Halyna Hutchins on the movie set of "Rust, is once again trying to get his indictment dismissed, this time with prejudice (meaning, he could not be re-indicted).

An earlier effort to have the indictment dismissed on the premise that it "failed to allege a criminal offense" was recently swatted down by trial Judge Mary Marlowe Summer--but now the defense is taking another swing.

The FBI examination of the Baldwin revolver involved a mallet test, in which the revolver was struck with a mallet from various angles to see if the gun could be fired without the trigger being pressed (Baldwin denies having pressed the trigger, and claims the gun "just went off.") At one point the cocked hammer of the revolver was struck hard enough that the hammer-sear engagement surfaces within the revolver were broken.

The defense is now characterizing this as the prosecution having "destroyed evidence," and arguing that the indictment against Baldwin should be dismissed with prejudice as a result.

Sound argument? Or just more smoke and mirrors?

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