BOOMERANG: AI Arbitrage Trading Bot: "I Can't Get It Up!

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Welcome to "The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger" YouTube channel! I'm Danny de Hek, your host, dedicated to exposing and shaming anyone involved in running or promoting Ponzi schemes or scams. Our mission is to raise public awareness and save everyday investors from falling prey to the multilevel marketing bottom feeders of the world.


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In today's video, we dive into the latest charade from Shavez and his Boomerang scam. The Boomerang project has been promising a launch for over 100 days now, with weekly claims that it's just around the corner. Despite their assertions, they have continually failed to deliver. The truth? They don't have a product—just a slew of excuses and failed attempts.

*What is Boomerang?*

Boomerang is a website that falsely claims to offer arbitrage trading. Our investigations have revealed that the code on their site fabricates the profits users believe they're earning. Instead of finding genuine market opportunities on decentralized exchanges, Boomerang generates fake opportunities to deceive investors.

Despite numerous claims of upcoming releases, Boomerang has continually failed to launch. Initially scheduled for March 1, 2024, the launch has been delayed indefinitely. Many investors have poured significant amounts into this scheme, with some paying as much as $10,000 for a license, only to see minimal returns—the highest reported return is just $800. Most licenses sold are $500, with the highest return reported being a mere $19. The Avengers have tracked over $140 million in Boomerang license sales.

*Meet Shavez*

The enigmatic CEO of Boomerang, who goes by the single name Shavez, is actually Shavez Anwar. He offered me, Danny de Hek, $10,000 to uncover his last name. Shavez is also associated with "WE ARE ALL SATOSHI" and their affiliate Marketing 2.0. One of their purported products is the Boomerang AI trading bot.

*Shavez's Empty Promises*

Here’s a rundown of the many promises Shavez has made that have yet to materialise:

- AL Bot free for everyone forever
- Multi-network integration by end of May
- Deputy role for Sam Lee in HyperOne scam
- No trace of Shavez Anwar online or any address
- WAAS made no one rich except MLM promoters
- Stopped withdrawals without warning, citing exhausted marketing budget
- Self-elected successor to Sam Lee
- Elected Board of Trustees with no transparency
- Promised Proof of Reserve audit, no evidence provided
- Moved Proof of Reserve into Cashaa Bank without explanation
- Promised bank deposit, failed to deliver
- Promised 3% dividend payable in any crypto, but only pays in BTCC
- Bridge went down, promised fix, but no action taken
- Evidence of Shavez being CEO requires signing NDA
- Promised BTCC to make everyone rich but never mentioned Bfuel to harvest
- Bfuel has no relation to Bitcoin, but harvest cost exceeds its value
- Miners cost $50, sell on NFT market for $10-14
- WAAS allegedly pays kickback and check match bonus, but no transparency on Boomerang profits
- Unclear if Shavez or Pavel benefit from Boomerang profits
- Launch date March 1, but no launch occurred
- Delays blamed on basic issues like white listing and flash loan amounts
- Code generates market operations, trades show losses on blockchain
- Sold 35,000 licenses at the Feb 2024 BOOMERANG launch event, alleged and selling 5000 per day
- Flying people to Dubai mid-April who sell 50k matching volume
- 7000 to 8000 Boomerang licenses sold each day, with some days reaching 10,000


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