Tidying up the banana stems

12 days ago

Banana stems get quite untidy once the lower leaves start to die off. These just get in the way, look messy and are better off being put in the compost bin to do something useful - become compost.

I also found a new banana shoot in my compost bin, which it turned out was growing out of one of the previous stems I cut down after it had flowered. I must have left just enough of the base in there for it to form root and new shoots. I don't need any more banana stems, so just chopped this one up back into the compost.

I have also learned that although the camera has a wide field of view... it's not that wide, and I need to be more careful with my placement of objects I want to show to the camera.

These are Dwarf Cavendish bananas. They don't get quite as tall as Cavendish or Lady Finger bananas.

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