Giraffes display breath taking silhouettes in front of golden sunset

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Rumble This video shows the astonishingly beautiful silhouettes of giraffes going about their late afternoon activities with an incredibly beautiful golden sunset in the backdrop. The giraffe is rated as Africa’s most photographed animal and definitely one of Africa’s most iconic animal species. These graceful creatures are the world’s tallest land mammals and cannot be confused with any other species of animal in the African wild. These tall creatures make for truly impressive silhouettes when filmed or photographed with the last light of the day glowing directly behind them. The image of giraffe silhouettes parading in front of a stunning sunset has always been iconic to the continent of Africa.

It was during a recent safari in a wilderness area of the Kruger Park in South Africa that we spend the last half an hour of the day admiring and enjoying the beautiful golden light of a sunset over the African bush. The last hour of daylight is referred to as the ‘golden hour’ by photographers and filmmakers. This is the time when the light shines softly, beautifully lighting up the whole area in an array of colours ranging between a mixture of pink, orange, yellow and red.

We were absorbing the sheer spectacular beauty of the breath taking scenery when a small herd of giraffes unexpectedly appeared. The giraffes relaxingly walked past us in the near distance. One of the giraffes even perfectly stopped right in front of the setting sun, holding its pose while chewing. This created an amazing image not to be forgotten by anyone present. These giraffe silhouettes moving in the golden light of an African sunset created a dream picture. The giraffe silhouette moving past in the sunset is one of the most sought-after scenes for photographers and filmmakers. We were lucky and very fortunate enough to capture this true African golden moment.


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    Beautiful sunset with the silhouettes of the giraffes.

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    Absolutely Stunning video!!!

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