Temu Tuesday Boot-Legos "Exquisite High Quality Building Blocks, Instrument Mini Street View"

8 days ago

Today we assemble a small hotel to add to our growing boot-lego street. The picture of this set is much better looking than the actual set. The picture makes the set appear more golden while the actual blocks are some shade of brown. Aside from the dull brown bricks this is a good set. It looks like it should build wise. The translucent bricks make it much more interesting lit up as wall. The instructions were fairly easy to follow. I did have to fix a few placed parts as i progressed during the build but it was nothing major. As usual with these sets the bricks fit together nice and tight and stay together. I am hoping to find more of these sets so i can continue building a street of these sets. I hope you enjoyed the video. Thank you for watching. Take it easy.

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