FINANCIAL PODCASTER ASKS: Should Wealthy People Retire? Serial Entrepreneur Cherie Mathews Explains

15 days ago

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This is a clip of Episode 66 of the Dr. Finance® Live Podcast hosted by Dr. Anthony M. Criniti IV (aka “Dr. Finance®”). Dr. Criniti interviewed Cherie Mathews, "cancerpreneur," serial entrepreneur, cancer survivor, educator, speaker, and technology expert.

Cherie Mathews is a former IBMer specializing in computer engineering technology, failure analysis, research, and development. She worked on special projects for NASA and reversed engineered the latest technology before it went to market. She is a 20-year breast cancer survivor, the Founder, and CEO of an Austin, Texas-based company called Healincomfort that has won many innovative awards nationally and internationally recognized as an innovator. Recently recognized and awarded the Global Woman in the category of Inspiration Award.

Cherie's company, Healincomfort, is appropriately named because, from personal experience, it was the last thing that occurred while on the road to recovery. Healincomfort is committed to helping women and men (yes, men get breast cancer too) heal in comfort and with dignity after mastectomy surgery in the battle against breast cancer with her award-winning, patented post-operative garment that allows the patient to look like a person and not a science experiment, it's all about comfort and dignity. This solution also helps manage the patient's medical drains securely and discreetly out of sight. Cherie's Healincomfort recovery garment has helped 75,000 breast cancer patients. It holds two USA design patents, one utility patent pending, and five USA Trademarks. Cherie also co-pioneered a golf program and core values for underserved public school students. She went from a beta test with 48 students and helped reach 10 million students, so she walks the walk as a believer in leaving the campsite cleaner than when she came.

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