Ep. 29. Lawfare in the 2024 Elections with Josh Hammer

9 days ago

In this episode of Standpoint, Gabe interviews Josh Hammer about the intersection of law and politics in the United States. They discuss the use of lawfare through political means, the prosecutions against Donald Trump, and the potential involvement of the Biden administration. The conversation focuses on the ongoing cases in Florida, DC, and Georgia, and the implications for presidential immunity and First Amendment rights. They also touch on the importance of federalism and the role of local prosecutors in impacting national politics. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the need for balance and fairness in the justice system, and the hope for a return to a more neutral enforcement of the rule of law.

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00:00 Introduction and Setting
03:42 The Rise of Lawfare in American Politics
09:01 Speculation on the Biden Administration's Involvement
11:26 The Role of Local Prosecutors in National Politics
14:10 The Georgia Election Case
16:25 Presidential Immunity and First Amendment Rights
20:29 Balancing Law and Politics: The Cases in Florida, DC, and Georgia
23:18 The Ongoing Trials of Hunter Biden
25:23 Striking a Balance in the Justice System
32:57 The Hope for a Return to Neutral Enforcement of the Rule of Law

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