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1 month ago

Mass Immigration is Destroying Canadian Society!

It's evident that Canadian society has undergone significant changes over the past decade.

These changes are largely driven by Trudeau's strong commitment to mass immigration, without fully considering its impact on our society and economy.

Since his election in 2015, Trudeau has significantly increased the number of newcomers entering Canada each year.

When accounting for immigrants, foreign students, temporary foreign workers, refugees, and illegal immigrants, Canada now receives over 1 million newcomers annually.

This influx is equivalent to adding a new Saskatchewan every year!

Our society cannot sustain this rapid demographic shift. Our infrastructure struggles to keep pace with this artificial population growth.

Canada needs an immigration policy that prioritizes Canadians, not one that favors the economic opportunities of foreigners.

Mass Immigration is Fueling Every Major Problem in Our Country:

Housing crisis
Overcrowded classrooms
Wage stagnation
Overwhelmed hospitals
Moreover, the social fabric of our nation has been transformed beyond recognition.

Walking down the street, it’s clear that our country is hardly recognizable. The Canadian identity is being eroded, and there is a diminishing sense of community.

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