A Boy Climbs On A Toy Desk And It Breaks Under Him

AFVVirals Published May 8, 2018 243 Plays

Rumble All the kids can be divided into two groups - the ones that love going to school, and the ones that don’t care about it so much. However, the kids in both groups can agree that there’s no sound as pleasing as the ring of the school bell announcing that the classes are over. a little boy from this video got a little too excited about the ring of the bell. You absolutely have to watch this hilarious video! As the clip begins, you can see a boy at home, sitting at a tiny toy desk. He’s pretending to be at school, and as soon as the bell rings announcing that the class is over, he gets really excited. He jumps off his chair and climbs on the little desk, but then, hilarity ensues. He yells “Finally, the school is over!”, but even before he has a chance to finish the sentence, the toy desk breaks and he falls down on the floor. LOL! He was not expecting the desk to break under him! So hilarious!