Girl Scares Her Friend With A Spider Prank

AFVVirals Published May 8, 2018 554 Plays

Rumble Having a big spider crawling on your shoulder is probably not the most pleasant thing in the world but making a small spider prank is such fun! It’s such a classic that works every time and makes everyone laugh. Just like in this video. It’s so hilarious that you have to check it out! This video shows a group of young people who are washing a car together. One of the girls takes a tiny spider and shows to a camera, and then goes to the other girl, touches her shoulder and says there’s a spider and that’s when all the fun starts! The girl with that tiny little spider on her shoulder totally freaks out! She begins to scream and jump all over the place trying to get it off while everyone else is laughing out loud! OMG! This is such a great summer prank, and I really have to use it asap!