Hippo Struggles To Stay Awake After Drinking Tea With Tourists

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Rumble / Unreal AnimalsMeet Jessica the hippo, the world’s only hippo that loves drinking tea and that enjoys the occasional kiss on the nose. The video shows this incredible wild animal jumping out of the water onto a platform, ready and waiting for her favorite drink of tea given to her by human admirers. Amazingly enough Jessica only allows woman and children to feed her tea and to give her a kiss.

The hippo does not waste any time during the process and guzzles down both bottles of tea. Once she finished four liters of tea, Jessica adorably became very lazy and literally struggled to keep her eyes open. She slowly went back into the water with only her head resting on the platform where she fell asleep for a short while. Once the show was over, Jessica got her energy back and moved down to river on her way back to the wild hippos.

During the year 2000, Mozambique and South Africa was hit by devastating floods. As a new-born calf, Jessica washed up on the banks of the Blyde River running through the Kruger National Park and along local farms outside the park. She was discovered by a local farmer and his wife that became the parents that she never had while growing up. The helpless female calf lost her mother and had no chance of survival on her own out in the wild.

Over time Jessica surprisingly developed a fond taste for tea when she was still very little. Interacting with Jessica is an unforgettable experience and a little nerve wrecking at the same time. Very few people are aware of the fact that hippos kill more humans in Africa per year than any other animal. They are normally very aggressive and unpredictable. Jessica is the world's only hippo that really loves interacting with humans and never shown any aggression towards anyone.


  • Schafer, 2 years ago

    She is adorable!!!

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  • einsteinparrot, 2 years ago

    What a big baby! Just like a kid who fights sleep because they don't want to miss anything!

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