CNN's Manu Raju Loves Repeating "Convicted Felon" as Lawfare FAILS

4 days ago

Oh how he LOVES saying it. Over and over and over again. Yes, CNN's Manu Raju is following the playbook laid down by George Soros and voiced by his degenerate son, Alex, to repeat over and over again "Convicted Felon" in reference to Trump. Unfortunately for poor Manu, the Lawfare against Trump has COLLAPSED since the BS Kangaroo Court convicted him of a bookkeeping entry "crime" (and no one can exactly state what the crime was) somewhere on the level of ripping off a mattress tag. The utter FAILURE of the Lawfare strategy has backfired as revealed on Manu's own "Inside Politics" show. Perhaps that is he why he kept repeating "Convicted Felon" as if it were some sort of magical incantation that would make the Lawfare really work.

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