Media Blackout: 10 News Stories They Chose Not to Tell You - Episode 26

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#10 - Mainstream outlet features “excess deaths” and “COVID vaccines” in the same headline.

#9 - Trump hater crumbles on air when confronted with one simple question.

#8 - Reporter catches Biden campaign in a lie and brings all the receipts.

#7 - Ex-CDC director says vaccine mandates were a “terrible idea,” along with a number of other stunning COVID admissions.

#6 - Laughter erupts as Dr. Phil stuns Trump critic with one clear fact.

#5 - Biden’s allies officially freak out as his mental decline proves to be very real and serious.

#4 - Arizona GOP files bombshell lawsuit after discovering up to 1.3 million illegal voters.

#3 - Tucker Carlson gives the best explanation ever on why he chose not to get vaccinated.

#2 - Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs gets busted in massive $400,000 bribery scandal.

#1 - The World Health Organization warns a “new strain” of bird flu “has jumped” to humans with “potential for high public health impact.”

Plus, an exclusive interview with Dr. Rima Laibow.


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