The Globalists In Plain Sight - The Hunter Trial Play By Play 6/9/24

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CDM's Globalist In Plain Sight Host Christine Dolan interviews Dr. Kurt Brackob, Director of Histria Books, Editor in Chief of The and Michael McCormick, a former White House Stenographer under several administrators, including the stenographer for then Vice-President Joe Biden during the Obama administration.

CDM and Histria have a partnership for publishing books under the Invictus imprint. McCormick is the author of Fifteen Years , which covers his first-hand witnessing of history, and a second book, The Case to Impeach and Imprison Joe Biden.

This past week, McCormick was at the Hunter Biden trial in Delaware and Brackob has had his sights on the European Parliament elections. We will also discuss the influence of the British press in US newsrooms. Back in 2020, when the New York Post broke the Laptop From Hell story, the US press bought into the Russian information narrative, yet the British press reported it as truth. Has the situation changed now that the US prosecutors have introduced the laptop into evidence in Hunter's criminal gun trial this past week?

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