Kill Switch to Complete Government Ruination of Cars

1 month ago

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Kill Switch to Complete Government Ruination of Cars
with Eric Peters - Owner/editor of Eric Peters Autos - the web's best Libertarian Gearhead site! - THE Libertarian Car Guy

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Did you know politicians’ well-meaning gas mileage standards have made cars less safe, or that congestion stems from political resistance to build more lanes?

How about a few more:
Why do we have to dodge cops & cameras trying to steal our money?
Why do lousy cars cost so darn much?
Why do Ford and VW diesels get 70 mpg in Europe but not here?
“New” electric cars? Weren’t they popular in the early 1900’s?

Why the homogeneity among cars?

Why can’t we buy new cars not saturated in wireless sensors that spy on, fry, and - soon - coerce compliance - as enforced by Biden's Kill Switch?

Libertarian Car Guy and refugee from DC, Eric Peters calls himself a Vulture of the Western World. Owner & editor of - his makes the web's best Libertarian Gearhead site.

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