“Turks and Caicos is the North Korea of Caribbean Islands”

1 month ago

"Turks and Caicos is basically the North Korea of the Caribbean Islands” Rep ReschenthalerBryan Hagerich was arrested in Turks and Caicos in February after airport security found ammunition in his luggage.Under the islands’ law, he faced a minimum 12-year prison sentence. Rep. Reschenthaler and other members of Congress, traveled to the islands to advocate for Bryan’s release and four other Americans.
Crickets from the State Department. 76 days detained before Bryan heard from the State Department and when he did - they victim shamedThe story isn’t over. Bryan made it out – but there are others now and no doubt to come.
Americans are being targeted and singled out - detainees from other countries not treated the same. Internal political pressure on the Island with a campaign to crackdown on Americans. Hear why.
The story isn't over. Bryan made it out - but there are others still there and no doubt more to come

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