Baby Boy’s Crying Scares His Toddler Sister

Published May 7, 2018 707 Plays

Rumble Sibling love, is there anything in this world more precious than that? This adorable video is here just to offer the perfect example of how cute a relationship between a toddler sister and a baby brother can be! Prepare to have your heart completely melted! As the video begins, you can see an adorable toddler girl holding her baby brother in her arms for the first time! OMG, how precious are they? This little girl is so gentle with her baby brother! Too cute to handle! And that’s not even by far the most adorable part. She gives her baby brother a kiss on the nose and gets worried because his nose is a little cold. But then, just after the kiss, this little bundle of joy starts crying! And the little girl’s reaction to his tears is absolutely priceless! Her eyes go wide as she gets really upset and hands the baby boy over to her mom immediately! Good choice, little girl! Cuteness overload!