Spinning Fish, Strange Weather, Secret Bases & More Mandela Effect Proof

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In the Florida Keys, sawfish are being spotted spinning in circles nonstop until they die—something strange and mysterious that’s baffling experts and scientists.

They’ve been trying to understand what’s causing them to spin, thrash, and ultimately beach themselves. Some scientists believe high amounts of algae are the cause, but others say that wouldn’t create the fishes’ issues. There are rumors online that HAARP or other facilities are doing secret weather experiments. Others think the animals are confused by a pole shift, that pharmaceuticals in the ocean are to blame, or that there’s been some kind of oil spill. Hear all the theories tonight.

Speaking of secret bases, CBS published an article about a group of veterans who are becoming sick after working at a secret military base, but aren’t able to get government aid. Why? Because the government hasn’t acknowledged that the base actually exists. This allegedly created an issue: If other military personnel were at secret bases and got sick, would these be ignored, as well? Can we trust that secret bases and secret facilities don’t exist simply because the claims have been denied? Join Edge of Wonder on this Friday Night Live as they dive deeper into these topics.

In otherworldly news, there’s new proof behind the popular Mandela Effect that Ed McMahon was actually part of Publisher’s Clearing House. Newspapers actually mentioned it throughout the ‘90s. Be sure not to miss the Top 10 Weirder News of the Week with walking trees; alien ant people; a remote, Amazon tribe that got internet for the first time; and the invasion of the giant, parachuting spiders. Also hear the “Dig Deep” Live Q&A only on Rise.TV. We’ll see you out on the edge!

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