Officer’s Bullet Ricochets And Strikes Bad Guy In Tense Confrontation! LEO Round Table S09E114

11 days ago

00:00 Intro
03:33 House COVID panel grills individuals involved in cover up scheme
14:22 Officer turned model charged with extortion
19:28 Cops take down wanted man who fatally shot officer
35:37 Officer’s bullet ricochets and strikes bad guy in tense confrontation
43:40 Disgraced police chief pleads guilty to obstruction

LEO Round Table (law enforcement talk show)
Season 9, Episode 114 (2,214) filmed on 06/06/2024


Show Panelists and Personalities:
Chip DeBlock (Host and retired police detective)
Attorney Ken Afienko (Attorney and professor)
Dr. Travis Yates (retired major)

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