Friendly Woodpecker Knocks On Glass To Greet Neighbor

6 years ago

It's springtime in South Florida and this red-bellied woodpecker has been visiting this person's window every morning for the past week only to say ‘Hello’ by pecking at the window for about twenty minutes before flying away!

Footage shows the adorable moment when a friendly bird knocks at the glass door of a home in South Florida. Home owner explains that this beautiful bird has been coming around to pay a visit for years. Can you imagine a wild woodpecker knocking on your front door just to say ‘Hey, neighbor! Adorable, right!

This is one smart bird! After watching people knock on the door to come in, this friendly woodpecker bird has picked up a few tricks! Watch as it knocks at the window door to be noticed and greeted by the person standing on the other side of the glass. Who would say no to this cute, little face!?

A smart, red-bellied woodpecker perches in front of a window and knocks on the glass with its beak just to greet its favorite human. Maybe this beautiful bird is hungry and wants food, or maybe it is just too friendly and doesn’t want to fly away before saying ‘Hi’ to a friendly face. Cuteness overload!

What would you do if a cute little woodpecker comes knocking on your front door? Like literally, you hear a knock, go to the door and right there stands a cute bird, looking ever so eager to join you inside?

Who knows, maybe this bird confused its own reflection with another bird and wanted to pick a fight! Watch as it repeatedly attacks the glass in an endless effort to make contact with the person on the other side of the glass. What a friendly neighbor!

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