Faith & Freedom: NRA Special!

1 month ago

Shemane and guests Ted Nugent, Rock Bordelon, Keith Mark, Dianna Muller, Mark Geist, Trammell Crow, Blake Barnett and Taylor Winston discuss faith, freedom, and the Second Amendment at the NRA convention.

[00:48] Ted and Shemane Nugent emphasize individual rights and freedoms; ted nugent inspires people to join NRA and Gun Owners of America and demand accountability from elected officials; efforts to wake up the sleeping giant on Second Amendment rights; the importance of self-governance and the need to take action against engineered societal issues

[6:35] Rock Bordelon, Chairman and CEO of Pursuit Channel, discusses hunting rights, conservation, and the importance of hunter advocacy; the importance of hunters taking action to preserve their heritage and values; the need for hunters to vote and make their voices heard in elections

[14:18] Keith Mark, CEO of Hunter Nation joins to discuss how Hunter nation elevated their voting percentage to 17% above state average; the importance of voting for candidates who align with traditional values and Godly principles; the need for Christians to stand up for their beliefs and support law enforcement, despite opposition from the left

[20:44] Dianna Muller of Women for Gun Rights shares her personal experience as retired police officer and advocate for gun rights; the need for women to understand and support the second amendment; the importance of women's voices in the Second Amendment movement; taking control of your life and not letting others dictate your path

[27:28] Mark Geist shares his experience as a survivor of Benghazi and how his dog's name, Rone, was inspired by the event; Mark’s upcoming book about faith, military service, and nonprofit work; the need for the return of God to public life; how to stand up for faith in the face of evil in the world; loving thy neighbor and not allowing hate to consume actions; how the Shadow Warriors Project helps veterans with service dogs, caregivers, and more

[35:05] Trammell Crow, Founder of EarthX discusses how EarthX organizes Earth Day conference in Dallas, Texas, bringing together environmentalists and conservatives to discuss sustainability and climate change; the importance of conservation; the need for American citizenship and the potential for outsiders to change the world

[40:34] Blake Barnett, the host of Trailing the Hunter’s Moon, joins to discuss the importance of involvement in Second Amendment rights and conservation;

[42:22] Taylor Winston, a Marine Veteran joins to recount commandeering a truck during the Route 91 festival shooting and saving approximately 2 dozen people; how his military background and trauma therapy helped him respond to the heightened event

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