Canadian Banks Are FINISHED in 2025 PART 3 - The Kevin J Johnston Show With ROB ANDERS

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Here is PART 3 of the amazing show with Rob Anders who Joins The Kevin J. Johnston Show To Talk About The End of The BANK CHARTER IN CANADA

Thursday June 6, 2024 at 9PM Eastern Time


Kevin J. Johnston and former Member of Parliament, Rob Anders, discuss the fact that the Canadian Banking Charter is going to expire in June of 2025 and it will not be renewed by Justin Trudeau or his political party in charge of the country.

100 years ago, the bank Charter was secured to allow banks in Canada to loan money and to operate as money facilitators. when they lose their Charter, Canadians are going to lose their shirts! We talked about the history of money and the history of commerce and how dangerous this new prospect has become for all of us.

Canada is in very big trouble and this is going to be Trudeau's way of not allowing the next election to take place.

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